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Neno Language Services is a language service provider based in Brescia, Italy.

Our history, as Neno Language Services (NLS), dates back to 2007 when we took our first steps into the world of translations as a small company specialising in translating Industrial and Intellectual property (invention patents, utility models, trademarks, copyrights infringement, unfair competition, slavish imitation etc.) mainly from Italian into English.

Since then, we – as NLS – have come a long way expanding our radius of action increasing the number of specialised in-house and external translation collaborators. The expansion of our language combination and fields of specialisation was obviously a natural consequence.

As a matter fact, whilst remaining true to our identity as IP specialists, with time NLS embraced other fields of translation, i.e. Technical Translations (Instruction Manuals, Technical Specifications, Quality Manuals etc.), Legal Translations, Medical Translations, Financial Translations, Marketing/Commercial Translations and Sports Translations.

Besides the main European languages, namely English, Italian, German, French and Spanish, NLS has been a keen observer of the global economic trend constantly adjusting to keep up with the times. Thus, aware of importance of emerging markets in Europe and beyond, we progressively readjusted our position moving towards towards Asian, Oriental and Middle-Eastern languages (Chinese and Arabic for instance), Eastern Europe languages (Russian, Polish, Romanian and Hungarian for example), same case applying to Scandinavian languages (for example Swedish, Norwegian, Danish and Finnish).

With a solid pool of in-house and external collaborators, today we provide all-around language services covering more than fifty language combinations. Our translators work into their mother tongue and field of specialisation in the target language and perfect understanding of all aspects of the source language in context.

Besides language expertise, our strong points are quick response, quick turnaround times, flexibility, customised service and maximum confidentiality.

NLS also offers interpreting services (Simultaneous, Consecutive and Whispered).

Lastly, we – at NLS – provide transcription services from audio files to written texts as well as voice over services, i.e. rendering written texts into audio files.

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Why choose Neno?


The quality of our services can be measured by the number of satisfied customers with whom we have had a long standing and mutually beneficial professional relationship.


We, at Neno Language Services, are known for our promptness and timely delivery, always striving to meet any preset deadlines.


Neno Language Services endeavours to uphold the confidentiality of any client information in its possession and commits not to disclose any information submitted thereto to any unauthorised third parties.