We wrapped up our most recent blogpost entitled “MACHINE VS HUMAN TRANSLATION” with a few reasons why it is widely impossible to replace “human” with “machine” translations from various standpoints. In particular, these reasons include the fact that machines simply transcribe words from one language to another without considering the context of a given word. It is particularly clear that it does not factor the customer/linguist relationship in any manner whatsoever. Just like it fails to take into account potential if not at times necessary consultation between the translator and the person who drafted the text in question.


In our last post we addressed translators as professionals and how important they are to the modern society. In the same line of thought, today we would like to address

IT’S RAINING CATS AND DOGS… Why turning to a professional translator may be a wise idea!

In this post we will address the importance of a professional translator and interpreter. Thus, starting from the previously points raised, we would like to focus on the golden rules to be borne in mind when translating from one language to another.


Recently, in our blog posts we have extensively addressed topics related to foreign languages. We have talked of foreign language learning challenges (especially in adult age), misunderstandings we are exposed to when using foreign languages as well as language contamination as a result of the globalisation and open frontiers!

Language confidence or negligence?

When learning a foreign language, in particular in adult age, we get plenty of tips from language experts on the easiest, quickest and most efficient path towards oral proficiency. One

The use and abuse of loanwords in the Italian language

This blog post is about loanwords, calques, excessive use of foreign words in Italian language, communication issues arising from overuse of foreign words in Italian, the immense beauty of the


This post sets out to focus on potential communication breakdown due to mother tongue interference when speaking in a foreign language. This is not about perfecting one’s diction, i.e.  the

Neno Language Services celebrating tenth anniversary

Dear NLS customers, collaborators and partners, We are truly honoured, delighted and proud to share a great milestone for our company. This year marks the tenth anniversary since the foundation