Since the stone age, man has always strived to distinguish himself from the rest of the animals by his inventiveness and creativity.

Brilliant ideas and revolutionary inventions have, are and will continue changing our lives.

However, people and companies invest heavily in terms of capital, time and resources to transform a potentially brilliant or inventive concept into an actually beneficial product. This led to the need of establishing the ownership of an invention, whether material or conceptual, with the aim of protecting the entailed ownership rights. Over time, special laws have been introduced and specific requirements aimed at establishing the rightful owners intellectual/industrial rights and protecting them against infringement or counterfeit have been put in place.

Bearing this in mind, we – at Neno Language Services – put our IP language expertise at our clients’ disposal to help them protect their inventions to the uttermost. We work hand in hand with our clients to ensure that their needs are fully met.

Aware of dire consequences of an omission or misunderstanding of a concept in the world of intellectual/industrial property, we have put in place a translation process including translation by native speakers with at least five years of experience translating IP documents, thoroughly proofreading as well as consulting the client for clarification should conceptual or terminology doubts arise. Almost a decade in the IP translation industry translating Patents, Utility Models, Trademarks and Technical Briefs on disputes arising from infringement of Intellectual/Industrial Property rights has taught us the importance of weighing every single word in our translation process.   Last but not least, considering the highly confidential nature of the documents we handle, NLS undertakes to treat any documents entrusted into our care as highly confidential.

Types of IP documents we translate

  •     Patents for validation in Italy
  •     Patents into a foreign language for extension abroad
  •     Official notifications and rulings
  •     Priority documents
  •     Oppositions, technical briefs and appeals before the EPO
  •     Trademarks


Neno Language Services endeavours to uphold the confidentiality of any client information in its possession and commits not to disclose any information submitted thereto to any unauthorised third parties.

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