Medical and scientific translations require great language expertise and extensive knowledge of the subject matter in question.

Whether translating medical reports, clinical studies or research material, we – at Neno Language Services – pay utmost attention to detail ensuring all translations are done by native speakers with at least five years of experience in the field of specialization and painstaking proofreading of all documents before delivery.

Types of medical/scientific documents we translate

  • Scientific publications
  • Pharmaceutical research
  • Patient information leaflets
  • Technical Data Sheets
  • Patient case studies
  • Patient medical records
  • Multimedia medical applications
  • Medical prescriptions
  • Medical magazines
  • User guides for medical staff and patients
  • Medical equipment user instructions manuals
  • Clinical, toxicological, pharmacological and biological information material
  • Medical and analysis reports
  • Medical labels
  • Medical contracts
  • Multilingual medical websites
  • Letters
  • Emails
  • Handwritten reports and instructions


Neno Language Services endeavours to uphold the confidentiality of any client information in its possession and commits not to disclose any information submitted thereto to any unauthorised third parties.

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