Neno Language Services provides translation services in over 50 language combinations. Our translators work into their mother tongue and field of specialisation in the target language, perfect understanding of all aspects of the source language in context and with at least five years of experience.

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Transcription is the art of converting audio or video files into written documents. Files subject of transcription usually concern recordings from conferences, interviews, council meetings, board meetings, corporate events, questioning, court hearing and other court-related material etc. There is much more to transcribing a document than sheer language expertise. Actually, transcription also requires the ability to…
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Interpretation is the art of establishing oral communication between two or more speakers who do not share the same language code. We, at Neno Language Services, provide three types of interpreting services, namely simultaneous, consecutive and whispered (so-called chuchotage) interpretation.

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Voice is the art of converting written documents into audio or video files. Voice over services mainly regard advertising material, video instructions, video tutorials and demos. Besides perfect diction, voice over also requires high language expertise as well as the ability to adapt the voice to the context in question.
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The quality of our services can be measured by the number of satisfied customers with whom we have had a long standing and mutually beneficial professional relationship.


We, at Neno Language Services, are known for our promptness and timely delivery, always striving to meet any preset deadlines.


Neno Language Services endeavours to uphold the confidentiality of any client information in its possession and commits not to disclose any information submitted thereto to any unauthorised third parties.